To be a Vendor, the charge for a Reservation is $40.00

This is a section for potential Vendors at Florida Kids Fest. The Following Criteria is REQUIRED in order for you to be represented at a booth during the days of Florida Kids Fest and must include, but not limited to:

Business Name

Vendor Time Slot (time for which your booth will be set up, which is between 9-11am and breakdown is at 7pm)

Payment Submitted Below must be by July 10th 2019, after payment is made, you must SEND AN EMAIL to the listed email with.  The template is premade for you to fill out with all associated information for your Vendor Registration Payment and any requests must also be sent to

Terms and Conditions
* 'Kids Fest' Entity is an Affiliate in Association with the 'New Traditions Market' Event. All payments made on behalf of 'New Traditions Market' Vendor Booth Location Fee's are to be paid to 'Kids Fest' Entity and will reflect on your billing statement as so. Upon Receiving Invoice for 'New Tradition Market' the amount of $40.00 is due immediately. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE Purchase, which upon payment, is a fee associated with a Vendor's Location Booth to be set up on behalf of the Entity in which is paying. Once fee is paid, a booth of location can either be requested or is given to the Stated Entity above. The set up time for Vendor's Booths are to be done on the Morning of Saturday, July 20th, 2019 BEFORE 9AM. Booth set up final time is 11AM, and Breakdown is no earlier than 7PM on the Evening of Saturday, July 20th 2019. Any and all payments made on behalf of 'Kids Fest' for Vendor's Booth Location is due before the day of the event stated above. Questions and concerns are handled on a case by case basis and will be answered at our earliest convenience. Paying this Invoice, you hereby acknowledge the Terms and Conditions stated above, and Agree to them as such for the associated Entity Labeled in the Invoice above. By Clicking here you will be brought to an Invoicing Page, for which you will be able to pay for a Vendors Fee associated with 'Kids Fest' as well as 'New Traditions Market'.

**payments made through portal are logged, and addressed Immediately by Management. An Immediate Follow Up Phone call will be made upon Payment Submissiont to go over all Registration Information and ensure a spot in the event.**




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